Slot tournaments

Want to prove you're the best? Well, we provide the opportunities for you to do so. Check out our daily, weekly and monthly competitions available on mobile. Some tournaments require a buy-in, while others are free. We cater for all gaming needs. So, sign up, enjoy and make your competitors eat your dust!

Watch this space, for upcoming tournaments!

Tournament Rules:
  • Players cannot register for slots tournaments with free chips.
  • Players must have a real money balance to register for a tournament.
  • A Player is free to unregister prior to the tournament start time.
  • Unregistering will credit back the total Buy-In, including the Fee to the Players casino account.
  • Should a player fail to play in the tournament, the Buy-In amount will not be refunded.
  • If a player withdraws from the tournament before it is over, the entry fee will be forfeited.
  • If you register for a tournament and are not logged on to the Casino system at the time the tournament starts, you forfeit your entry fee.

If a Player is disconnected from the system during tournament play, the following rules apply:
  • If a Player is disconnected during play, the slot will not spin on behalf of the Player.
  • If the Player reconnects within the tournament time, they can continue playing in the tournament.
  • If the Player cannot reconnect, their winning total will remain static, reflecting the amount at the time of disconnection.
  • For winnings that originate from the participate in Tournaments, where the entry to the tournament is free, such winners are limited to a cash withdrawal of $100.

Important: Tournament coins have no value other than as counters in the tournament. Tournament coins have no cash-out value.